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Transcript of Jennifer Beals twitter chat during Senate’s hearing on toxic chemicals

Jennifer Beals

This morning Jennifer Beals joined a twitter chat during the live streaming of the US Senate’s “Strengthening Public Health Protections by Addressing Toxic Chemical Threats” full committee hearing. A bi-partisan bill, called The Chemical Safety Improvement Act (S.1009) sponsored by Sen. David Vitter and the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, was introduced in May 2013. Joined by 22 of their colleagues as co-sponsors, this marks the first bipartisan effort to reform and update the outdated and broken Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). 

Twitter chat with Jennifer Beals (transcript)

Yesterday Jennifer did a live twitter chat  to promote the WIGS’ series “Lauren” answering fan questions, here’s the transcript of the Q&A’s:

@Juniper40: “War rape” has always been common, used to show power over another. Do you think this mentality adds to the problem?

Rape should never be condoned no matter the circumstances. In my mind rape within a military unit is best likened to being raped by a trusted family member.

‘Lauren’ finale and twitter Q&A’s with Jennifer Beals and Troian Bellisario

The finale of the 3 episodes of the webseries WIGS ‘Lauren’ is online now.
Later today starting at 11:15 am (LA time), Jennifer and Troian will participate on a Q&A’s session on twitter. Use the hash tag #watchwigs if you want to ask any question about Lauren. Jennifer’s session from 11:30 am, Troian’s from 11:15 am.
You can watch all 3 episodes with the links provided below

Jennifer Beals joins twitter

Jennifer surprisingly has joined twitter, even though she said she would never do, and tweeted today for the first time : “Hello world; I am finally joining the 21st century and am on twitter. Don’t faint -this is really me.”
She’s chosen a personal photo and a quote from one of her favorite authors Walt Whitman on her profile: Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.

We all of course welcome her to the 21st century :) . You can follow her tweets under her username @jenniferbeals