Could Jennifer be back in Castle?

Andrew W Marlowe, creator of the tv series Castle, tells TVGuide about Jennifer Beals’ character Sophia: “I always knew that she was going to be the bad guy and we were going to kill her in the end. But I also know that in any sort of CIA-inspired story, nobody is ever really dead for certain, I like to have my cake and eat it too. It’s all depending on where our storytelling takes us and assuming that Jennifer had a good time and wants to come back and play with us.”
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Jennifer Beals tonight on Castle

Tonight is the first episode (Pandora) of the two part guest starring Jennifer in the tv series Castle. Jennifer plays Sophia Turner, a CIA agent and former muse of Richard Castle. “I think it certainly complicates things a bit, because it’s another person that [Beckett] didn’t know about,” Jennifer said.
“And I think it’s probably a more important person because there was enough about this person that was interesting that he decided to put it into a character. So that might be problematic in some ways.” Continue reading Jennifer Beals tonight on Castle

Jennifer talks about her new projects

On an interview to TV line, Jennifer talks about her next projects, an internet series focused on female orientated drama with director, writer and producer Jon Avnet and a new film in the spring !
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Interview on the Huffington Post

Jennifer Beals is returning to TV for a two-episode arc on “Castle” and her CIA agent character Sophia Turner will be stirring up emotions between Castle and Beckett. Could her history with Castle finally inspire Beckett to share her true feelings for him once and for all and maybe return those three little words?

In the upcoming episode, “Pandora” (Mon., Feb. 13, 10 p.m. EST on ABC), and its follow-up on Feb. 20, “Linchpin,” the stakes have never been higher for Castle and Beckett as they work with Sophia and the CIA to solve an international conspiracy that could have a massive effect on the U.S. Continue reading Interview on the Huffington Post