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Hi guys. I am doing this AMA to make people aware of the toxic chemicals legislation going on right now. One piece of legislation is called the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, and the other is the US Chemicals in Commerce Act. If you are tired of feeling like you need a PhD in toxicology to be a competent parent, or to feel like a healthy human being on this planet, I would encourage you to go to to get updated and get involved. I am also doing this custom fundraiser to help support the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center.
This is also to help support my ex-husband’s campaign as well.
Ask me anything!

Was there a single, most significant film, tv show, or piece of art that made a surprising impact on your life? (As an artist, I’m sure your answer is yes, of course) What is it?
Jennifer: There were several projects that were like initiations for me, helping me to rise to a different level of understanding in my life. The first was In The Soup which I did with Alexandre Rockwell. I suddenly was in a film that was not so much about commerce ( what are our numbers? Will the soundtrack travel? Etc) but in a film that was purely about the joy of storytelling. Working with Steve Buscemi, Sam Rockwell and Seymour Cassell gave me a completely different understanding of what acting could be. It was incredibly freeing. The other seminal project that comes to mind is The L Word. I cannot even begin to tell you how many ways that project has changed my life. I was introduced to the notion of how impactful a story can be on peoples’ day to day lives, how transformative it can be. I was introduced to fearless, unapologetic women and men who we’re choosing to live their lives authentically in the face of a government and a culture that was knowingly and sometimes unknowingly trying to erase them by not including them in their stories or any kind of meaningful legislation. It made me realize how important it is to live your life as authentically as possible, whoever you may be and whatever your situation may be. We don’t serve anyone by hiding our light under the bed.


Jennifer Beals starring on a new tv pilot “Proof”


Jennifer is to star on a new pilot drama for the cable network TNT called “Proof”. The drama focus on a skeptical, hard science, female surgeon Dr. Kathryn Russo (played by Jennifer) who’s struggled with family issues including the tragic death of her son and a growing estrangement from her surviving daughter. She is persuaded to investigate cases of reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, hauntings, all of it looking for verifiable proof, to try to answer one of life’s greatest questions: Is death truly the end, or is there something … beyond?.
The Closer star/executive producer Kyra Sedgwick will produce. “Proof” is directed by Alex Graves, Rob Bragin (Greek) penned the pilot and will serve as an executive producer alongside Sedgwick.
Annie Thurman (The Hunger Games) to play Jennifer’s character daughter Sophie.
Joe Morton (Scandal) plays the intimidating head of the hospital Dr. Charles Russell where Dr Kathryn Russo works. He finds himself driven to control her, but appreciates her talents and her commitment.
Matthew Modine  plays Ivan Turing, a charming, eccentric, technology multi-billionaire facing a terminal cancer who is willing to apply all his resources to answering the question, is there anything beyond death?
Sean Gleeson is playing Dr. Len Barliss, Katherine’s ex-husband who still works with her at the hospital. Len and Katherine currently share custody of Sophie, their rebellious teenage daughter.
Edi Gathegi (Justified) will play Zed, a Sudanese hospital intern tasked with finding proof of life after death.
Caroline Rose Kaplan plays Janel, assistant to billionaire Ivan Turing.
Callum Blue plays Peter Van Owen, a charming best-selling author who claims to be a psychic medium.

Filming of the pilot starts March 14th in Vancouver.

Jennifer Beals episode on “Motive” airs March 13th

Jennifer Beals in Motive

Jennifer’s episode on the Canadian tv drama Motive airs next Thursday 13th on Canada’s CTV. The episode is called “They Made Me A Criminal” and it’s episode 2 of the second season of the series. Jennifer plays a dance instructor. Guest starring alongside Jennifer are Martin Donovan and Robert Roldan. In the US, Motive season 2 returns to ABC on May 21st.

Here’s a promo for the episode

EverDeep skincare media tour

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer was in New York (6-7 February) on a media tour to promote EverDeep skin care products. She was interviewed by several radio stations, tv channels and magazines where she discussed her career, projects, turning 50 and skin care.

“It is a great opportunity to represent a brand that harnesses the power of what nature has to offer,” Jennifer said. “This is a fantastic product with real results and is a product that is long overdue in the skin care market. I’m excited to share my experience with EverDeep.”

EverDeep is an anti-aging skincare system delivering the nutrient-rich composition of a unique algae found in the deep waters of northern Europe. As an avid open-water swimmer, Jennifer appreciates the benefits of algae for her skin, which is frequently exposed to saltwater and sun. After investigating and experiencing the natural benefits of EverDeep products, Jennifer became a part of the EverDeep mission to help women discover the secret to smoother, radiant, more youthful looking skin.

Here’s some of the interviews we found:everdeep1

Dan Mitchell’s WKBK radio show 


Will Beard on Q92.7 WQEL 

Valder Beebe show

The Big Wake Up Call

Parade Magazine

Allure Magazine

Some photos from twitterland during her visit to Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Vogue magazines are in our gallery

And video interviews for some local tv channels: