Photos of Jennifer Beals and Lauren Lee Smith on the set of Cinemanovel

Jennifer has already started filming Cinemanovel in Vancouver this week and today her co-star Lauren Lee Smith tweeted these photos of the two of them having a good time.

Jennifer plays Lauren’s best friend in this film directed by Terry Miles who also directed Jennifer and Lauren in A Night For Dying Tigers.


Jennifer Beals on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Jennifer Beals on So you think you can dance

Jennifer was last night in the audience of the Fox tv dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ . She was mentioned by judge Nigel Lythgoe and he said she was inspiration to an entire generation of dancers. Jennifer can be seen after the routine by Chehon and Cyrus.

Jennifer afterwards tweeted: “Just went to SYTYCDance. W O W. Such beautiful dancers. Such beautiful Artists. ALL of them”


Below is a clip of Jennifer on the show

Jennifer Beals Interview: What She Wants To Do Before Hitting 50

If you ask her how she spent her summer vacation, actress Jennifer Beals, 48, just sighs.

It was THAT good.

“I swam in Lake Louise this summer and, man, it was cold. But it was so beautiful to be surrounded by that color and to turn and look up at the glaciers.

“It just knocked me out,” says the star of “The L-Word” and “Chicago Code.”

“I had to grease my face and my feet. I had on a full wet suit and a neoprene cap, plus everything else to keep mama warm because it was really cold.

“I wish I had booties!” she cries.

Beals is past the age where she wore half-shoulder sweatshirts and spun around the room in “Flashdance.”

She says with aging, you have to find new hobbies and wonder moments.

“I was camping and going, my God, my Internet doesn’t work. How can I watch my swimming?'”

Her other addiction this summer was the summer Olympics, specifically the swimming.


Fans will be happy that she’s also back on screen. She stars in the WIGS web series “Lauren” on “YouTube.” “Lauren” is a military drama about a young woman who steps forward to report a sexual assault.

Beals says that when not filming, she’s on the move. She says staying physically active makes the aging process a breeze.

“I’ve been running this summer. Certainly my swimming has been a lot stronger than my running.

“I last ran with the rail that goes up from Lake Louise up to the stairs of a tea house up there. It’s a 11-K turnaround.

“They say, ‘Oh, it’s 11-K, so you think that will be OK,'” she says. “They don’t tell you that it’s like halfway in or not even halfway in like a third in, it’s all incline.

“It’s beautiful, but I’m running and running and running and running. I’m thinking, ‘Wow, OK this is really beautiful, but this is really taking me a very long time.

“I was a beautiful run,” she says.

Jennifer Beals on the Melissa Harris-Perry show


This morning Jennifer was a guest on the Melissa Harris-Perry show, a current affairs and political discussions weekend program on MSNBC.

Jennifer talked about her role in “Lauren” and military sexual assault. Watch the video interview below