Jennifer Beals attended the WIGS TCA panel


Jennifer attended alongside director Rodrigo Garcia and actress Sarah Jones the YouTube Channels’ AwesomenessTV and WIGS TCA Panel at the Beverly Hilton on July 25th to promote Youtube’s channel WIGS.

Asked if day will come that appearing on a YouTube series is as desirable as working in TV, she said: “I think it’s so fascinating what’s happening — that we have this other platform for material that is incredibly intimate and it feels like you don’t have to wait for somebody’s permission to be creative,” Beals said. “You don’t have to wait for that magic, huge number in order to go tell a story. And I love that.” Via The Wrap

Pictures for this event can be found in our Gallery

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Jennifer’s episode on WIGS, Lauren, will premiere August 13th on

Jennifer Beals joins twitter


Jennifer surprisingly has joined twitter, even though she said she would never do, and tweeted today for the first time : “Hello world; I am finally joining the 21st century and am on twitter. Don’t faint -this is really me.”
She’s chosen a personal photo and a quote from one of her favorite authors Walt Whitman on her profile: Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.

We all of course welcome her to the 21st century :) . You can follow her tweets under her username @jenniferbeals

Jennifer Beals on Paramount’s 100th Anniversary photo

Jennifer Beals Paramount photo

The photograph taken as reported earlier this year to commemorate Paramount’s 100th years Anniversary can finally be seen on the July’s edition of Vanity Fair, out now.
Jennifer Beals was among 116 superstars and movie executives photographed on the soundstage that housed the Star Trek TV and movie franchises on Lot 18. The photograph was taken by Art Streiber who admitted it was a great opportunity to reunite some co-stars who hadn’t seen each other in years. Check out next week Entertainment Tonight for behind the scenes video footage

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Earlier this week Paramount released a commemorative poster commissioned to Gallery 188 which features artistic logos from 100 of their biggest hits. Take a look at the poster, can you spot Flashdance?. Click on the image for full size


Cast of Wigs on The Daily

Check out this video of Jennifer Beals, Virginia Madsen, Caitlin Gerard and the creators of the web series WIGS Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia talking to The Daily.
WIGS premieres today on YouTube with “Jan”.