Jennifer Beals at the Family Equality Awards Dinner

Jennifer attended the Family Equality Council LA Awards Dinner on Saturday Feb 9th at the Universal Studios’ Globe Theatre. This event is aimed at connecting the growing Los Angeles community of LGBT-headed families and supporters as well as advancing efforts to create equality for all families.
Presenters for the evening included Sean Hayes, star of NBC’s long-running hit Will & Grace; Andrew Rannells of NBC’s new hit show The New Normal; Darren Criss, star of Fox’s Glee; and comedian and actress Molly Shannon.

Jennifer Beals back in “Lauren”

Jennifer and Troian Bellisario have started filming more episodes of “Lauren”, the youtube WIGS series that premiered last summer. Jennifer plays commanding officer Jo Stone and Troian plays a soldier victim of sexual assault. “Lauren” is directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. 

Jennifer Beals to produce tv drama ‘Laughs Unlimited’

Jennifer will be producing a new one hour long tv drama for cable channel HBO called “Laughs Unlimited”.  The series deals with the issue of veterans who return from the Middle East with post traumatic stress disorder.

The focus of the series is Billie Crown, an Army medic who returns from serving a tour in Afghanistan only to find that her husband is divorcing her and taking custody of their daughter. The medic hides her PTSD from family and colleagues so she can be reinstated as a Sacramento police officer, and so she can reconnect with her daughter.

Jennifer Beals auctioning her dress and speech from HRC

Jennifer is auctioning on Ebay now her dress worn at the Human Rights Campaign and her Speech Acceptance .
All the auction profits will go to the Human Rights Campaign and the funding of Cinemanovel, the independent movie starring Jennifer and Lauren Lee Smith and directed by Terry Miles.

Jennifer Beals talks to FOX411 and two radio interviews

Jennifer talks to FOX411 about her role on The Mob Doctor: ‘She starts out as a call girl and then becomes an entrepreneur and creates the largest escort service in the Midwest and has associations with the Mob. It was so much fun. I love this character so much; she is all about sex, violence and money – and not in that order. She is this very interesting mix of the completely feminine and masculine.”

Jennifer Beals on Good Day LA

Jennifer visited this morning the tv show Good Day LA to talk about her role on the tv series The Mob Doctor airing tonight on Fox.
Check out her interview below