Jennifer Beals in Washington this week

Jennifer was a special speaker at this year’s Truth and Justice Summit hosted by Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) on April 17th in Washington DC

The 2013 Summit on Military Sexual Violence  drives the reform of Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs policies and provide opportunities to educate members of Congress. Continue reading Jennifer Beals in Washington this week

Celebrating 30 years of Flashdance

“First, when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream…”
It was in the early years of MTV, a revelation in music history, when Paramount Pictures released a movie called “Flashdance” on April 15, 1983.
As we all know, the movie tells the story of Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) who works as a welder by day and dancer at night. A young girl’s dream of wanting to become a ballet dancer against all odds. Continue reading Celebrating 30 years of Flashdance

Jennifer Beals to attend SWAN Summit

Jennifer will be the special guest speaker at the SWAN (Service Women’s Action Network) Summit on Military Sexual Violence to be held on April 17th-18th in Washington DC, it was announced today by Anu Bhagwati, SWAN’s executive director.
The Summit gives survivors and their families the opportunity to share their experiences with congress members, policy experts and one another, and features key panels by law and policy experts on major topics involving military sexual violence and survivors’ access to justice. Continue reading Jennifer Beals to attend SWAN Summit

The L Word Book by Jennifer Beals

The L Word Book, a photographic journal by Jennifer Beals that takes you behind the scenes of the Showtime series The L Word, was published in 2010 but the publisher stopped printing it in early 2012.
The book was only available online through the along with a selection of prints from the book The prints are still available to order. Continue reading The L Word Book by Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals joins new tv drama pilot ‘Venice’

Jennifer will star on a new ABC drama pilot  titled ‘Venice’.  Jennifer will reunite with The L Word’s creator Ilene Chaiken who will be the  showrunner and executive producer.

‘Venice’ is written by Byron Balasco (Without A Trace) and McG (Supernatural, Nikita) is directing the pilot. The show focuses on two rival families living in Venice, California  where a forbidden and dangerous Romeo & Juliet-esque romance emerges between them as the two families battle for control of Venice. Jennifer will play the lead role of Lisa Carver, the elegant bohemian matriarch of the Carver family.


Edit: Pilot renamed to “Westside”