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‘Lauren’ given the green light for more episodes

Jennifer Beals and Troian Bellisario’s first episode on the webseries WIGS “Lauren” is online now and according to an article on The Daily, the series have been given the go ahead to film more episodes than the initial three.

Also check out these interviews on Afterellen with Jennifer talking about the series and working with Troian and on More Magazine talking about swimming and twitter.

Cast of Wigs on The Daily

Check out this video of Jennifer Beals, Virginia Madsen, Caitlin Gerard and the creators of the web series WIGS Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia talking to The Daily.
WIGS premieres today on YouTube with “Jan”.

CBS doesn’t pick up Widow Detective

Ahead of this Wednesday’s network upfront presentations, sadly CBS has not picked up Widow Detective, the drama pilot starring alongside Jennifer John Corbett and Paula Marshall. Instead CBS is going for ‘Made in Jersey’, ‘Elementary’, ‘Golden Boy’ and ‘Vegas’.
More on the new CBS line up on and Variety

Jennifer Beals stars on the innovative new Youtube channel Wigs

Jennifer Beals is among many stars starring on the new digital channel Wigs created by Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia, producing high-end, original, scripted series, short films and documentaries exploring female characters.
The series will launch on May 14th. The first WIGS series is “Jan,” written and directed by Jon Avnet. The cast includes: Caitlin Gerard, Virginia Madsen, Stephen Moyer, Kyle Gallner, Laura Spencer, Iddo Goldberg and Jaime Murray.

Jennifer Beals in Widow Detective, a new pilot for CBS

Jennifer Beals and Paula Marshall are set to co-star opposite John Corbett in the CBS drama pilot Widow Detective, written by David Hubbard, produced by CSI maven Carol Mendelsohn and directed by Davis Guggenheim.

Could Jennifer be back in Castle?

Andrew W Marlowe, creator of the tv series Castle, tells TVGuide about Jennifer Beals’ character Sophia: “I always knew that she was going to be the bad guy and we were going to kill her in the end. But I also know that in any sort of CIA-inspired story, nobody is ever really dead for certain, I like to have my cake and eat it too. It’s all depending on where our storytelling takes us and assuming that Jennifer had a good time and wants to come back and play with us.”
Source: TVGuide