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Season 2 of ‘Lauren’ returns this spring

Season Two of LAUREN is scheduled to return with 12 new episodes in spring of 2013 and will continue to explore the consequences of dealing with sexual assault in the military.

Troian Bellisario and Jennifer Beals will return as “Lauren” and  “Major Jo Stone” respectively.

Jennifer Beals joins new tv drama pilot ‘Venice’

Jennifer will star on a new ABC drama pilot  titled ‘Venice’.  Jennifer will reunite with The L Word’s creator Ilene Chaiken who will be the  showrunner and executive producer.

‘Venice’ is written by Byron Balasco (Without A Trace) and McG (Supernatural, Nikita) is directing the pilot. The show focuses on two rival families living in Venice, California  where a forbidden and dangerous Romeo & Juliet-esque romance emerges between them as the two families battle for control of Venice. Jennifer will play the lead role of Lisa Carver, the elegant bohemian matriarch of the Carver family.


Edit: Pilot renamed to “Westside”

Jennifer Beals back in “Lauren”

Jennifer and Troian Bellisario have started filming more episodes of “Lauren”, the youtube WIGS series that premiered last summer. Jennifer plays commanding officer Jo Stone and Troian plays a soldier victim of sexual assault. “Lauren” is directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. 

Jennifer Beals to produce tv drama ‘Laughs Unlimited’

Jennifer will be producing a new one hour long tv drama for cable channel HBO called “Laughs Unlimited”.  The series deals with the issue of veterans who return from the Middle East with post traumatic stress disorder.

The focus of the series is Billie Crown, an Army medic who returns from serving a tour in Afghanistan only to find that her husband is divorcing her and taking custody of their daughter. The medic hides her PTSD from family and colleagues so she can be reinstated as a Sacramento police officer, and so she can reconnect with her daughter.

Preview of Jennifer Beals on The Mob Doctor

This is the first promo of Game Changers, Jennifer’s first of three episodes on The Mob Doctor airing on Monday 26th on Fox.
Jennifer (Celeste LaPree) plays a call girl-turned-madam and old girlfriend of Constantine, who in an attempt to form a coalition of mob factions, enlists Celeste, now married to a hypochondriac mafia boss who runs Chicago’s Northside.

Jennifer Beals to guest star on the tv series The Mob Doctor

Jennifer will guest star on the Fox’s tv series The Mob Doctor for at least 3 episodes with the first one to air on Monday November 26th.
Creator Josh Berman told TvFanatic: “I’m thrilled to have Jennifer Beals join the cast for at least three episodes. We wrote the role of Celeste LaPree specifically with her in mind. She’s gorgeous, empowered, and strong. The character used to date Constantine Alexander (William Forsythe) before he was sent to jail, fifteen years ago.