Jennifer Beals upcoming films and tv projects

Jennifer Beals will be back soon to our screens in different projects. First we will see her on the second season of the Canadian tv police drama “Motive”. Set in Vancouver, the series follows crimes investigations by a female detective played by Kristin Lehman. Jennifer will be guest starring on season 2 but no details yet of role are known. Season 2 premieres on Canada’s CTV on March 6th and  in the summer on ABC. Continue reading Jennifer Beals upcoming films and tv projects

Looking back- 10th Anniversary of The L Word

It’s been 10 years L Word fans! On January 18, 2004 a brand new drama series called “The L Word” premiered on Showtime, portraying the lives of a group of predominantly lesbian women living in West Hollywood. Most names of the main cast didn’t ring a bell except for the real “Foxy Brown” Pam Grier and the girl from “Flashdance” Jennifer Beals but it was a groundbreaking moment in the history of tv: For the first time ever, a show evolved around a group of strong, successful gay female characters. Continue reading Looking back- 10th Anniversary of The L Word Jennifer Beals interview

This is an interview Jennifer gave to about the Wigs series “Lauren” now available on Hulu and huluPlus

On getting involved with the project:

JB: It started a few summers ago now, I was spending some time with Jon when he was telling me about this idea he had for this channel [WIGS], Jay was there, too. All of us started to get curious about this notion of a returning veteran and I told Jon that I have been working on something similar – [the story] is about a returning female soldier and what that transition is like. I started working with my producing partner, Lauren Donner, Oren Moverman, Tony Swofford developing a project for HBO. It’s on a similar subject but not exactly. Continue reading Jennifer Beals interview

ABC didn’t pick up the pilot Westside

Westside (the pilot formerly known as Venice) sadly wasn’t picked up by ABC who started laying out its 2013-14 lineup on Friday and although the early buzzes were promising for Westside, ABC went for Betrayal, the other soap in competition.

Westside tells the story of two rival families when dangerous romance blossoms between the two sides. The cast included Jennifer Beals, Odette Annable, Bruce Greenwood, Dean Winters, Lincoln Lewis, Luke Bracey, Lexi Ainsworth and it was directed by McG and written by Byron Balasco and Ilene Chaiken.

The network’s other seven drama pickups includes: S.H.I.E.L.D.,  Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,  Lucky 7,  Betrayal, Mind Games, Resurrection and Killer Women.


“Lauren” behind the scenes videos

Jennifer shared a lovely behind the scenes video of herself and Troian Bellisario having a conversation around the set of Lauren. They talked about their characters and coffee !
Also there is a new video of Jennifer talking about organisations such as Service Women and another one about Major Stone.

The second season of Lauren premieres on Friday May 3rd on the Youtube Channel WIGS

Continue reading “Lauren” behind the scenes videos

‘Lauren’ is back on May 3rd

The long awaited season two of the WIGS web series “Lauren” with Jennifer Beals and Troian Bellisario will premiere on May 3rd (9:00 AM ET/6:00 AM PT) with four new episodes. Four additional episodes will be available on Friday, May 10 (9:00 AM ET/6:00 AM PT), and the final four episodes will debut Friday, May 17 (9:00 AM ET/6:00 AM PT). Continue reading ‘Lauren’ is back on May 3rd