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Jennifer Beals infomercials for Ifocus

Jennifer is the spokesperson for Ifocus computer games.

I value education, so the idea of children learning to focus so they can focus on learning caught my attention. ifocus is one of the most ground-breaking educational systems available to kids”. – Jennifer Beals

The centerpiece of ifocus is Jungle Rangers, an entertaining computer game which improves mental function through the repeated, structured practice of tasks which challenge kids in an enjoyable and motivating manner. While playing different types of games along the path to becoming a “Jungle Ranger”, children are actually performing cognitive brain exercises to improve their focus, attention, and memory.

Jennifer Beals spokesperson for Ifocus computer games

Focus Education has introduced an attention training system for children ages 6 to 12 called ifocus, a fun computer game developed by a team of leading neuropsychologists to significantly improve executive brain function through cognitive training, supplemented by a comprehensive program of behavior, exercise and nutritional guidance.

“We understand the desire that every parent has to watch their child succeed to the full extent of their potential,” explained Michael Apstein, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Focus Education.  “However, today’s children are bombarded with a multitude of distractions and there are simply very few tools available to teach greater focus and attention skills.  We created ifocus as a resource which could easily be incorporated into a family’s daily life so that parents can better collaborate with their kids to enable them to flourish on their own.

Paramount 100th Anniversary

On January 13th, Jennifer Beals joined over 100 film stars and directors for a group photo to commemorate Paramount studios’ 100th Anniversary.
Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Francis Ford Coppola, James Caan, Jane Fonda, Marlee Matlin, Barbra Streisand, Shirley Maclaine,  Peter Bodganovich, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman,  Martin Scorsese, Gore Verbinski, Tom Cruise, Charlize Theron, Justin Bieber and George Clooney were among the stars.
On the picture above Jennifer chats with George Clooney and Don Cheadle at the gathering. Photo taken by Jane Fonda. The official Paramount group photo hasn’t been released yet.

Jennifer Beals on Funny or Die

Jennifer Beals stars with Adrian Paul on this video titled Cop-Puter for the comedy website Funny or Die. This video clip is for their 1986 spring lineup.

Funny or Die  is a comedy video website founded by actor Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay.
People get to vote on what videos are funny and what videos deserve to die.
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