Premiere of ‘Before I Fall’ at the Sundance Film Festival

Jennifer along with the rest of cast,  Zoey Deutch, Elena Kampouris, Medalion Rahimi, Logan Miller,  Kian Lawley, Cynthy Wu, Liv Hewson and director Ry-Russo Young attended the premiere of the teen film ‘Before I Fall’ ( based on Lauren Oliver’s bestselling novel) at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20-21

Set for distribution by Open Road Films for a March 3 release, Before I Fall follows a day in the life of Sam (Zoey Deutch), a popular high schooler with everything going for her who gets into a fatal car accident. Waking up in bed after this tragedy, Sam relives the day over and over again, in horrific Groundhog Day fashion, until she can untangle the mystery around her death, and learn the lessons she needs to learn. Jennifer plays Samantha’s mother.

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