Jennifer Beals gives voice to anime film “The Laws Of The Universe”

Jennifer is the voice over on a new Japanese anime film called  “The Laws Of The Universe Part 0” The story is about a group of students that after hearing that a fellow student is abducted by aliens, they realised the danger their academy is in and in order to find the truth they go searching for aliens and UFO’s only to realise this is the beginning of a battle associated with the future of the universe. The film is released in October in Japan and selected theatres in the US.

Jennifer’s part is a good alien commander of the universe called Inkar

It’s not the first time Jennifer has been a voice over on an animated film, in 1993 she was the voice of Princess Yum-Yum on “The Thief and the Cobbler”

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Inker, voice by Jennifer Beals
Inkar, voice by Jennifer Beals