Off Camera interview with Jennifer Beals

On April 15th at 10 pm DirecTV’s Audience Network (channel 239) airs Jennifer Beals’ interview on Off Camera, a television show, website, magazine and podcast hosted by photographer/director Sam Jones. This is an hour long in-depth interview offering a thoughtful commentary where Jennifer talks about her life changing Flashdance experience, about playing a lesbian on the L-Word and life lessons learned from her unusual career path.

Sam Jones wants to find a way to memorialize what he calls one of the best (but never seen or published) parts of his job, the informal conversations between him and his subjects in the middle of a photo shoot because the best conversations happen off Camera…

“I wanted the opportunity to get in the room with people that really interest me, and have a deeper conversation about how they became artists, how they approach their craft, and what is important to them,” said Jones in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “And I also wanted the environment to be able to photograph and film them on my own terms, without having the creative direction influenced by a certain project or client. I wanted to strip away all that stuff and make a pure portrait of an artist.”

Each conversation is filmed for initial broadcast on DirectTV. In June Jennifer’s episode will be available on the OffCamera website for download for just $1.49, on iTunes as an audio podcast and on soundcloud. The interviews along with a photoshoot are also available to buy in a printed magazine.

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Sam Jones and Jennifer Beals