Jennifer Beals starring on a new tv pilot “Proof”

Jennifer is to star on a new pilot drama for the cable network TNT called “Proof”. The drama focus on a skeptical, hard science, female surgeon Dr. Kathryn Russo (played by Jennifer) who’s struggled with family issues including the tragic death of her son and a growing estrangement from her surviving daughter. She is persuaded to investigate cases of reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, hauntings, all of it looking for verifiable proof, to try to answer one of life’s greatest questions: Is death truly the end, or is there something … beyond?.

The Closer star/executive producer Kyra Sedgwick will produce. “Proof” is directed by Alex Graves, Rob Bragin (Greek) penned the pilot and will serve as an executive producer alongside Sedgwick.
Annie Thurman (The Hunger Games) to play Jennifer’s character daughter Sophie.
Joe Morton (Scandal) plays the intimidating head of the hospital Dr. Charles Russell where Dr Kathryn Russo works. He finds himself driven to control her, but appreciates her talents and her commitment.
Matthew Modine  plays Ivan Turing, a charming, eccentric, technology multi-billionaire facing a terminal cancer who is willing to apply all his resources to answering the question, is there anything beyond death?
David Sutcliffe is playing Dr. Len Barliss, Katherine’s ex-husband who still works with her at the hospital. Len and Katherine currently share custody of Sophie, their rebellious teenage daughter.
Edi Gathegi (Justified) will play Zed, a Sudanese hospital intern tasked with finding proof of life after death.
Caroline Rose Kaplan plays Janel, assistant to billionaire Ivan Turing.
Callum Blue plays Peter Van Owen, a charming best-selling author who claims to be a psychic medium.

Filming of the pilot starts March 14th in Vancouver.