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Looking back- 10th Anniversary of The L Word

The L Word

It’s been 10 years L Word fans! On January 18, 2004 a brand new drama series called “The L Word” premiered on Showtime, portraying the lives of a group of predominantly lesbian women living in West Hollywood. Most names of the main cast didn’t ring a bell except for the real “Foxy Brown” Pam Grier and the girl from “Flashdance” Jennifer Beals but it was a groundbreaking moment in the history of tv: For the first time ever, a show evolved around a group of strong, successful gay female characters. The audience was introduced to these glamorous ladies by the character of Jenny Schecter, an aspiring writer and college graduate who moved to LA to live with her boyfriend Tim Haspel. He happened to be the neighbor of Bette Porter, a strong-willed curator and Tina Kennard, a former movie executive. They formed a long-term couple who was struggling to find a sperm donor what would eventually strain their relationship. The two of them were surrounded by a potpourri of friends: Shane McCutcheon, a promiscuous hairdresser, Alice Pieszecki, a bi-curious journalist, Dana Fairbanks, a closeted tennis player, Marina Ferrer, a coffee shop owner and last but not least Kit Porter, a straight singer and recovering alcohol addict who also happened to be Bette’s half-sister. It’s probably fair to say that most fans fell instantly in love with these cool ladies, and for many of us ¬†Bette and Tina aka Tibette were the center of the show. ¬†Their on screen chemistry was unbelievable and when they were sitting on their porch the morning after trying to get Tina pregnant by some random guy, we got a feeling that they were doomed and so were we. We knew they were deeply in love with one another and when Bette cheated on Tina for all the wrong reasons our lives started to feel like a roller coaster for an ongoing six years. Never before did we feel so connected to fictional characters, “The L Word” became our “drug”, our escape from the daily madness.