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Transcript of Jennifer Beals twitter chat during Senate’s hearing on toxic chemicals

This morning Jennifer Beals joined a twitter chat during the live streaming of the US Senate’s “Strengthening Public Health Protections by Addressing Toxic Chemical Threats” full committee hearing. A bi-partisan bill, called The Chemical Safety Improvement Act (S.1009) sponsored by Sen. David Vitter and the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, was introduced in May 2013. Joined by 22 of their colleagues as co-sponsors, this marks the first bipartisan effort to reform and update the outdated and broken Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). 

Joining Jennifer during the chat SaferChemicals and Elizabeth Berkley.

Here’s the transcript of the chat:

@janiceclea: good morning… I just tuned in. Trying to get educated about this. I knew nothing. Thanks for sharing this issue.
Jennifer: You are so welcome. I feel like I’m always learning something new about the issue.

Jennifer: I’ve never met @SenatorCardin but his concerns for “unduly broad preemptions” is encouraging. #I’mAFan

What do U propose for the hearing / What’s more efficient: our comments or our questions?
Jennifer: Good question I think both. Whatever moves you. I may not be able 2 answer all questions but the folks @SaferChemicals will.

Jennifer: Fully behind @SenJeffMerkley wanting to make sure “vulnerable populations have adequate protections.” #saferchemicals #children

#saferchemicals What’s your opinion on the connection between autism and exposure to chemicals?
Jennifer: Here’s a great article on the relationship between autism and the exposure to toxic chemicals:

I have an important question, when was the last time this issue was addressed?
SaferChemicals: Good Q: Congress hasn’t updated our federal laws since 1976, when Gerald Ford was President! #saferchemicals

SaferChemicals: @SenGillibrand concerned about state preemption in the current #ChemSafetyAct. So am I. As @SenatorCardin pointed out sometimes the States lead the rest of the country in reform.

Amazing women, actors and advocates @jenniferbeals and @ElizBerkley join the #saferchemicals conversation! Thank you!

Elizabeth Berkley: Formaldehyde in baby shampoo? No thanks. Join me & @SaferChemicals in asking Congress to act:
Happy to join the movement for #saferchemicals!!!!

Does the governmt have 2 prove actual harm before they can control dangerous chem isnt there enough evidence?
Jennifer: Yes.That “actual harm” is also in some ways subjective. My notion of “harm” might be different than theirs or urs.‪

That’s unacceptable, which is why is so crucial to education the public on these things!.
Jennifer: I believe we’re at over 80,000.Yes, you read that right. 80,000 inadequately tested chemicals. Not tested in their singularity or in combination. When you take a pharmaceutical drug your pharmacist can caution you not to combine certain prescriptions. We don’t have this information with most of the chemicals on the market today.

Why do USA always make intensive agriculture with lots of toxic chemicals???
SaferChemicals: Here’s a blog on avoiding toxic chemicals in food:

Jennifer: @KZarker points out his state of WA was the 1st to ban decaBDE (flame retardant) and THEN the EPA took action. #StatesRights #saferchemicals
‪@SenatorBoxer “States are the laboratory of democracy.” ‪#StatesRights ‪#saferchemicals

‪I grew up in “Chemical Valley” in Charleston, WV. I am slowly dying from severe lung disease. It’s better here but needs more. Leaders in WV have always been aware of the situation. BUT chem. cos. have money, as does coal, oil, banks. $ is power in US.
Jennifer: Please share your story with everyone who will listen. Let your Senator know. Your story MATTERS to all of us. Change comes enough people come together and tell their stories over and over and over and over again. There IS a tipping point. As Churchill said, “Never, ever, ever give up.”
‪here’s a link to take action:

‪Have you ever thought about laws including the world government? About how powerful we could be together?
SaferChemicals: Yes we have a great coalition partner working on exactly that you can follow them at ‪@ciel_tweets

‪Is there an official way to be part of the movement?
SaferChemicals: YES! Join the movement here:

‪Interested to know what product shocked u the most that has ‪#ToxicChemicals in it?
SaferChemicals: Ways to avoid toxic chemicals:
Jennifer: synthetic turf with a crumb rubber infill and children’s baby bottles.

‪Is there a direct link between chemicals in home cleaning products and cancer?
Jennifer: Here’s a great article on the links between cleaning products & cancer ‪

SaferChemicals: @SenGillibrand recognizes the committee is dedicated to fixing the preemption issue in #TSCA reform. #saferchemicals
Encouraging to see there is bipartisan agreement on fixing the ability for states to pass chemical bills. #saferchemicals.
Daniel from ‪@NRDC on ‪#ChemSafetyAct “Doesn’t want to walk by that door, or slam it shut” ‪#saferchemicals – outlines critiques of bill.

Jennifer: Preach it, Thomas McGarity with ‪@CPRBlog. ‪#amen ‪#saferchemicals

‪If you could only fix three precise things, what would you fix?
SaferChemicals: Here’s our list:

SaferChemicals: “TSCA should be called the Toxic Substances Conversation Act” *room of policy geeks chuckle* #saferchemicals #TSCA
“This is about people.” Here’s @Linda_ADAO’s story:
Take action here:

‪Are there more links about ‪#ChildrenHealth and ‪#ToxicChem ? ‪#saferchemicals acquire a lot info~
Jennifer: ‪@SaferChemicals has a significant archive and is a great resource.

Jennifer: Stephen Owens…”Because of its many shortcomings TSCA should be called the Toxic Substance Conversation Act.” #NotMuchControl #Inaction #saferchemcials
“We all have an obligation to protect public health for all segments of our population.”
“History teaches all of us that industry cannot necessarily be trusted to place public health above their bottom line.” Robin Greenwald. 
#vinylchloride #”DecadesOfDeceit” #saferchemcials

Known whether toxic chemicals are related to food allergies?
Jennifer: Here’s a resource for food allergies and their relationship to toxic chemicals:

‪It’s so sad we have to fight for this. I’m thinking of starting a coalition in DC to advocate for safer chemicals.
Jennifer: I know, I feel the same way. It’s heart breaking we’re even in this position of having to fight for our collective health. Fight with your heart and your head. Contact LindsayDahl at @saferchemicals about what kind of action you want to take. She’s terrific

Jennifer: I find it so fascinating. It’s encouraging to realize chemical safety reform is a bipartisan issue and is being embraced as such. Knowledge is indeed power. The next step is “what do you do with what you know.

Been listening in on hearing. As a young woman, I love getting educated on current issues. Knowledge produces change.
Jennifer: I find it so fascinating. It’s encouraging to realize chemical safety reform is a bipartisan issue and is being embraced as such. Knowledge is indeed power. The next step is “what do you do with what you know.

What choices do we have to give children a healthy&sunny childhood far away from TOYS?
Jennifer: Not all toys are harmful. Discrimination and research is key. @sproutsf is a great resource, here’s the link

 Thank you everyone for your participation this morning! The hearing has been SO fascinating, I wish I didn’t have an afternoon of meetings and could take part in the 2nd half…you know what my midnight viewing will be. #saferchemicals #choochoochuggachugga

Thank you ‪@SenatorBoxer for your leadership. ‪#grateful ‪#saferchemicals