Twitter chat with Jennifer Beals (transcript)

Yesterday Jennifer did a live twitter chat  to promote the WIGS’ series “Lauren” answering fan questions, here’s the transcript of the Q&A’s:

@Juniper40: “War rape” has always been common, used to show power over another. Do you think this mentality adds to the problem?

Rape should never be condoned no matter the circumstances. In my mind rape within a military unit is best likened to being raped by a trusted family member.

@KeegsintheGardn: What is your favorite part of filming with Troian Bellisario???

There are so many things I love about working with Troian, let me count the ways! #dedicated#authentic#fearless#loving#present#creative#Intelligent#kind.

@chicagodreamer9: What’s your favorite part about playing Major Stone?

I love the contradictions. I love how she really WANTS to be one thing, but is living within a construct that she believes will never fully support her beliefs, and yet somehow she still loves that very construct.#ArmyToTheBone

@anca1268: What do you make of the digital space since you immersed in online projects such as WIGS

It’s like the Wild West! But as Mr. Avnet once reminded me over Passover dinner, with freedom comes responsibility. #BringYourBestSelf

@wishtroian: What you think that Lauren tends to teach us ?

Use your voice. The root of the word courage comes from the Latin for “heart”. Courage requires the strength of the HEART. In this case it’s important to stand up not just for yourself but for all those people whom you may never meet who will come after you.

@gmyexley: How did you get involved with SWAN?

Oh my goodness, that’s a long story. The shorter version is the lovely Jon Avnet invited me to the party and offered me the role. #grateful

@xiomi_katyperry: What are 3 things you always have on set with you?

On set itself, I just try to bring my best self. Occasionally, I’ll bring one of my cameras. In the dressing room I have my VegaTeam phone, iPad. Sometimes I leave my sense of humor in there, but only if it would get in my way.

@Heather_DKM: Did you find it difficult to get into the mind set of someone who has been raped?

As actors we ask ourselves to make all kinds of leaps into our imagination. Having Jon there, and knowing Troian had made that leap already provided me with a safety net.#BrutallyPainful

@amilin5: How do you find time to run or a swim or relax?

You MAKE the time. You dedicate to it. Did a swim the other day where I only had 45 minutes, but I did it anyway.

@isabelle101862: What kind of compact camera do you take on set ?

I have a Leica M4-2. Quiet, compact, delicious.Legend has it it’s One of Garry Winogrand’s old cameras.#LuckyMe

@CandyxWarhol: What shampoo do you use?

It’s a swimmer’s shampoo made by Aubrey Organics. Helps clear out the salt/chlorine.#BCuzI’mWorthIt

@a_len94: Best movie you’ve seen lately?


@AshG007: What’s the single most shocking/ eye-opening fact you’ve learnt since working on Lauren?

There are so many MEN being raped in the military. Their intense shame often prevents them from speaking up

@gmyexley: Are you enjoying twitter?

It has been a fascinating journey! Who would’ve thought I would EVER be on Twitter????? I do like the flow of information, and the sense of community.

@tmgreen81: You have made a huge impact regarding rape in the military. How does this make you feel as a person?

You just made me cry…it is an honor to be of service, truly. There is a LONG way to go until what is wrong is made right.#UseYourVoice#RuthMooreAct

@sarahjk72: What else would you have chosen as a career if not an actor?

Actor is always first and foremost in my heart. But photojournalist would be interesting…or Olympic swimmer. ( :

@renatalbu: What song is currently stuck in your head??

Feist I Feel It All #MyWingsAreWide

@saturngirl2006: What do you think sets this series away from the rest that you did??

At the risk of being utterly presumptuous, like the LWord it has a larger purpose in the world. Storytelling is the most salient tool for change, whether those are personal stories told over and over and over again or fictional stories viewed on various platforms. #ChangeTheParadigm

@ILuvWwe_JCena10: What has been your best experience for you while filming #Lauren?

When I’m filming I’m just thinking about the character and the story as honestly as possible. It helps no one to portray someone or a situation as flawless, or easy.

@IslandCaboVerde: Where can I watch your web series?

@KeepCalmDulce: Which scent you use?

Nothing…maybe some lavender oil. Not a huge fan of the pthalates they use to hold the scent in perfumes. #SafeChemicalsAct BO.WorksForMe

@miacinachi: Which country you would like to visit someday? Brazil is waiting for u ?

I love Brazil! Visted San Salvador and had a great time. Woud LOVE to go to Bhutan.

@ah_meh: Please tell me which Hong Kong or Chinese actor or actress you know?

My favorite is Gong Li.

@SusanJCN: You’re so dedicated as a runner/swimmer but do you ever have days when you want to lie on the couch and eat junk?!

Definitely! Not so much the junk food part, but there are days I have to lay low and honor the yin sate. PS  I’m not as dedicated as it seems! #SLOOOOOW 

@SleepinKaturian: What’s more important in your opinion? Military code or doing the right thing?

Doing the right thing is always the most important thing. Always. We look to the day when will no longer need the military and that will be the day when everyone is doing the right, the compassionate, thing, when killing and rape will be unfathomable.

@kimhuam: How has the Vega range of products contribute 2the energy level u require when u work? Are you a pure vegetarian?

Absolutely! I LOVE the Vega line. The Pre-Workout Energizer is my go to drink after lunch when I’m at work. The Recovery formula has allowed me to run/bike/swim the amount I do without getting that sleepy feeling in the middle of the day.

@grenouilleXXX: Would you have liked to be a soldier and serve your country? Was it confortable wearing uniform &rangers for you

I wouldn’t survive a week in the military! Truly. Luckily there are many ways to serve…I LOVED wearing the uniform. It made me walk, and think completely differently. #SuperButch

@FaberrittanaG: Do you think there was a “right” thing for Stone to do concerning Lauren?

She did the best she knew how. For me personally, it was not the RIGHT thing-it was not the most COMPASSIONATE course of action- but it’s what she was capable of at the time.#LittlebyLittle.

@SaraInHollywood: Is there something you admire about your character in Lauren? 

She’s strong, smart and has a wicked little sense of humor. In her clothes I felt stronger…she doesn’t always use her strength as fully as she could but it’s there, waiting for her

@doolz86: You and @SleepintheGardn work so well together. Is the dialogue all scripted or do u make up some things as you go

It’s all scripted

@FaberrittanaG: What was your favorite thing about Lauren?

I loved the writing, working with Troian and Jon. Diving into something that you know could be difficult or painful is a wonderful feeling when you have those two as your safety net

@Luh573: How was your reaction when you knew Lauren was getting a second season?

Really excited! Happy to know that we were going to be able to dive deeper into the water

@OhKayKatOh: How is your experience being on twitter so far? What is your opinion now on social media & entertainment?

It’s interesting to see how twitter has allowed the fans to make a difference. That’s exciting. We can now tell all KINDS of stories with your support.

@MeganVicknair: The multicam looked good on ya ;) The sense of pride I get in wearing my uniform is one that is hard to explain.

As soon as you put the uniform on I got the sense you get connected to something that is so much bigger than you are individually. It felt like an ancient warrior ritual of connecting to the group, and to one purpose.

@ritahughes1984: Favorite animal?


@anca1268: You have an impressive career. How do you still feel when you walk on set first day?

Nervous, in the best way.#GameDay

@OhKayKatOh: Do you have any actor’s ritual before you start shooting? 

I meditate in the morning.. After all my research, I guess I pray for guidance! Hahaha.

@VernessChen: Request reply! Please!   Because english is very difficult and headache language for me.

English is sometimes a headache language for me too.#You’reNotAlone

@BronislavaCook: You (your work, activities, helping) inspire many people. What is the most important in your private life?

My privacy.

@L_HudgensBeals: How is to be back in Lauren?

An honor and a pleasure.

@HayleyGrey13: I love you, my Idol and you´re not even noticing me :-( But love you anways! :-D ;) Still inspiring me

You don’t need anyone to notice you to SOAR. Don’t depend on others for your well-being. You are more than enough.#HaveAGreatDay

@PrettyNPinkRule: What would advice to women today who are following your footsteps =) thanks!

Follow your own path, not mine. One step at a time, each step counts and creates your path. Check in with your heart each and every day

@kourtburch: Do you miss The L Word and Bette?? I sure do!

I miss Bette’s wardrobe! Loved working with Ilene Chaiken recently…good people.

@a_formica: What is your favorite town? La tua città del cuore?

Mia citta del cuore sera sempre Roma. #PiazzaNavona

@WeScreamLoudly: Reading any good books lately that you would recommend reg this topic?

The Lonely Soldier by Helen Benedict

Jennifer: Thank you all for your thoughtful questions! I’m sorry I couldn’t answer all of them. Thank you for your patience and your support.#RockinMyWorld#ididright…#Unicorn. @WIGS Holy smokes, just heard y’all created a trending topic out of #ididright! Thanks again for your support! For more information about the subject go to @servicewomen.