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Twitter chat with Jennifer Beals (transcript)

Yesterday Jennifer did a live twitter chat  to promote the WIGS’ series “Lauren” answering fan questions, here’s the transcript of the Q&A’s:

@Juniper40: “War rape” has always been common, used to show power over another. Do you think this mentality adds to the problem?

Rape should never be condoned no matter the circumstances. In my mind rape within a military unit is best likened to being raped by a trusted family member.

ABC didn’t pick up the pilot Westside

jennifer beals

Westside (the pilot formerly known as Venice) sadly wasn’t picked up by ABC who started laying out its 2013-14 lineup on Friday and although the early buzzes were promising for Westside, ABC went for Betrayal, the other soap in competition.

Westside tells the story of two rival families when dangerous romance blossoms between the two sides. The cast included Jennifer Beals, Odette Annable, Bruce Greenwood, Dean Winters, Lincoln Lewis, Luke Bracey, Lexi Ainsworth and it was directed by McG and written by Byron Balasco and Ilene Chaiken.

The network’s other seven drama pickups includes: S.H.I.E.L.D.,  Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,  Lucky 7,  Betrayal, Mind Games, Resurrection and Killer Women.


Interview with Jennifer Beals and Troian Bellisario

Jennifer Beals

Last Monday April 29th took part on a press conference call with Jennifer and Troian to discuss their second season of the WIGS series ‘Lauren’ which premieres on Youtube this Friday May 2nd with 12 new episodes.
If you followed the first season you will know that ‘Lauren’ deals with sexual assault in the military and both Jennifer and Troian want to make sure these stories don’t go unheard and although fictionalised, ‘Lauren’ is a brutally honest portrayal of the endless red tape and cold bureaucracy that many victims of sexual assault experience while serving in the military.