The L Word Book by Jennifer Beals

The L Word Book, a photographic journal by Jennifer Beals that takes you behind the scenes of the Showtime series The L Word, was published in 2010 but the publisher stopped printing it in early 2012.
The book was only available online through the along with a selection of prints from the book The prints are still available to order.
We heard of many fans unsuccessfully trying to find a copy of the book, many asked Jennifer on twitter and yesterday Jennifer tweeted that if there’s enough interest she’ll speak to the publisher and the more people that are interested, the easier will be for the publisher.
Many fans have already showed interest on twitter and to make the count easier, we have created this poll to see how many of you would be really interested.
Vote if you would like to bring back The L Word Book and would order a copy if it was available again. Previously the price was about $50 and the book was available worldwide shipping from the US.