Jennifer Beals talks to FOX411 and two radio interviews

Jennifer talks to FOX411 about her role on The Mob Doctor: ‘She starts out as a call girl and then becomes an entrepreneur and creates the largest escort service in the Midwest and has associations with the Mob. It was so much fun. I love this character so much; she is all about sex, violence and money – and not in that order. She is this very interesting mix of the completely feminine and masculine.”

“I watched ‘Mob Wives Chicago’ (a VH1 spin-off of the New York hit ‘Mob Wives’) to understand a little bit of the fashion for right now… I gave her these long acrylic nails with little diamonds in them, a copious amount of rings, and these huge earrings,I think her motto is ‘more is more’.”

“She is a very smart business woman and she is not afraid of physical violence, you will see her slap a man right across the face unapologetically and without fear. When I saw the part I wanted to go right out and inhabit this person, she is very animalistic and really strategic.”

Beals is also currently strategizing a move from in front of the lens to behind it, honing her skills as a new wave Hollywood producer.
“I was really lucky that the first show I went to go and sell we sold straight away, and I will be able to announce the details of that pretty soon. But in terms of films, films are tougher,” she added. “What interests me is this idea of using the Internet as a platform – of being able to say you are going to make a movie that people can watch on their iPad. There is a certain intimacy in that, which interests me… It is really a new wave.”

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Also earlier this week Jennifer gave two radio interviews to Steve Cochran’s radio show and to Doug Stephan’s Morning Show.


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