Jennifer Beals auctioning her dress and speech from HRC

Jennifer is auctioning on Ebay now her dress worn at the Human Rights Campaign and her Speech Acceptance .
All the auction profits will go to the Human Rights Campaign and the funding of Cinemanovel, the independent movie starring Jennifer and Lauren Lee Smith and directed by Terry Miles.
You can  also help Cinemanovel by donating here

The speech is handwritten on the back of her Mob Doctor script.

The dress is custom made by David Meister  and Jennifer wore it to accept her Human Rights Campaign award last October . The dress was made especially for Jennifer and has only been worn once, the night of the awards. The dress is chiffon with a silk inlay and jewel incrusted brooch on a ribbon belt.

The auction ends on December 21st.

To view and bid for the Dress click here and to bid for her Speech click  here 

Update:  The auction ended with the dress going for $2,100 and the speech for $3,333