Jennifer Beals at the The Daily Beast/Newsweek Hero Summit

As previously reported, Jennifer is attending the first ever Hero Summit in Washington DC, 14-15 November.
The goal of the summit is to bring together military heroes and exceptional civilians for meaningful dialogues and information-sharing.
Jennifer said that she was there to do “research” for a TV show in development about the military (Laughs Unlimited).
She also said she thought she might learn something by heading to the summit. She explained the night was a way of “researching your own history, your own country’s history, and try to understand what people have been through and how they’ve had to expand beyond themselves to become helpful to others.”

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Jennifer tweeted about the event: “In DC for Newsweeks Heros summit & am honored to meet so many strong minded, influential people who genuinely care about making a difference” “Just met with the insightful Lisa P. Jackson, head of EPA. Had some interesting and eye opening discussions about children’s health issues”

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