Jennifer Beals talks about Hollywood’s treatment of women

On an article about WIGS for Jennifer tells about Hollywood’s sexism and crappy treatment:

Jennifer Beals (The L Word), who stars in one of the WIGS series, says she’s often been criticized for making small suggestions to a male director on a recent shoot for a Hollywood studio production. “I said to the director, is this going to cut together with my coverage? And they said back to me, ‘Wow don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.’ And I said, go f***yourself.'”
But now that they’ve gotten a taste of what the possibilities for women actors are outside of the Hollywood machine, will these women be able to return to Hollywood’s crappy treatment? “You can go back,” Beals said. “But you go back with a stronger voice, and you say what you really think. And you say, well Jon Avnet would let me do this. It’s really empowering.”

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