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Jennifer Beals inspires a song

The Lovebugs are a very popular pop band in Switzerland and on their latest album “Life Is Today” one particular track caught our attention. The song in question is titled “Jennifer Beals”.
Adrian, the lead singer and writer of the band, tells what inspired his song: “ I saw Jennifer Beals in Flashdance when I was a teenager back in the eighties and had, like most men, a crush on her.  By chance I saw the movie again a few months ago on tv. It brought back so many memories and I thought that it would be great to turn them into a song. The song tells about somebody who lives for passion, somebody who gives everything for her (or his) dream and don’t care about what other people might think or say”.

It’s a good song (and album), check it out on Itunes

An Evening For Tibet, a fundraiser event with Jennifer Beals and Sharon Stone

Jennifer Beals and Sharon Stone are the special guests for ‘An Evening For Tibet’ a fundraising event to benefit the work of the International Campaign for Tibet on the occassion of his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s visit to San Diego next week. The fundraiser will also feature Lodi Gyari, special envoy to the Dalai Lama and executive director of the International Campaign for Tibet.
For more information visit this link

An Evening For Tibet will take place at the Cesak Residence in La Jolla, CA on Tuesday, April 17th at 6 pm. Tickets cost $250.