Jennifer talks about her new projects

On an interview to TV line, Jennifer talks about her next projects, an internet series focused on female orientated drama with director, writer and producer Jon Avnet and a new film in the spring !
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Other interviews came out today for TVGuide and The Hollywood Reporter

Interview on the Huffington Post

Jennifer Beals is returning to TV for a two-episode arc on “Castle” and her CIA agent character Sophia Turner will be stirring up emotions between Castle and Beckett. Could her history with Castle finally inspire Beckett to share her true feelings for him once and for all and maybe return those three little words?

In the upcoming episode, “Pandora” (Mon., Feb. 13, 10 p.m. EST on ABC), and its follow-up on Feb. 20, “Linchpin,” the stakes have never been higher for Castle and Beckett as they work with Sophia and the CIA to solve an international conspiracy that could have a massive effect on the U.S. Continue reading Interview on the Huffington Post

Jennifer Beals infomercials for Ifocus

Jennifer is the spokesperson for Ifocus computer games.

I value education, so the idea of children learning to focus so they can focus on learning caught my attention. ifocus is one of the most ground-breaking educational systems available to kids”. – Jennifer Beals

The centerpiece of ifocus is Jungle Rangers, an entertaining computer game which improves mental function through the repeated, structured practice of tasks which challenge kids in an enjoyable and motivating manner. While playing different types of games along the path to becoming a “Jungle Ranger”, children are actually performing cognitive brain exercises to improve their focus, attention, and memory. Continue reading Jennifer Beals infomercials for Ifocus

Castle promos

These are the first video previews of Jennifer in Castle for next week’s episode 4.15
“Pandora” – In the first episode of a two-part “Castle” event, Castle and Beckett pursue a ruthless killer who, they discover, is part of a sinister, international conspiracy. Castle and Beckett are joined on the case by Sophia Conrad (guest star Jennifer Beals, “The Chicago Code,” “Flashdance”), a smart, sexy CIA operative who has a complicated past with Castle. Josh Stamberg, (“Drop Dead Diva”) also guest stars as Martin Danberg, an intelligence officer, on “Castle,” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. The second episode in this story arc, “Linchpin,” airs Monday, February 20. Continue reading Castle promos