Jennifer Beals infomercials for Ifocus

Jennifer is the spokesperson for Ifocus computer games.

I value education, so the idea of children learning to focus so they can focus on learning caught my attention. ifocus is one of the most ground-breaking educational systems available to kids”. – Jennifer Beals

The centerpiece of ifocus is Jungle Rangers, an entertaining computer game which improves mental function through the repeated, structured practice of tasks which challenge kids in an enjoyable and motivating manner. While playing different types of games along the path to becoming a “Jungle Ranger”, children are actually performing cognitive brain exercises to improve their focus, attention, and memory.
In addition to the Jungle Rangers game, ifocus emphasizes a holistic approach with parents’ handbooks, CDs, and Quick Start cards to explain how behavior, exercise and nutrition can impact children’s focus and attention.
Ifocus was developed under the leadership of some of the world’s top scientists in pediatric neuropsychology and physiology.

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