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She loves the bike and comfy sweaters. Collect Madonnas (Virgins) and doesn't hold back if she is to deliver a punch. Today, the American actress challenges crime on a tv series. And here she confess a particular form of jealousy.

by Anna Maria Speroni

What's on the bedside table?
It depends on the bedroom where I am: I have three homes in three cities, Vancouver, Chicago and Los Angeles, often traveling for work ... Of course I always have a book, or more than one.

The daily ritual?
Breathe. Look, is not a joke: we breathe without thinking, and often we do it wrong. Instead, for example, what yoga teaches, breathing relaxes and improves good health. Every day I spend a little time to this practice: big breaths awareness ...

Favorite item of clothing?
Depends on the weather. Let's say I have to choose a sweater, a big sweater male type of any color: I don't have a favorite, it varies depending on the day and mood.

TV or movies?
Theater, really, especially in Chicago, it has the best theaters in the world. In every neighborhood there is one, maybe there are just fifty chairs inside but they are always full. The options are numerous and of every kind, you see something different every night. Anyone in Chicago can find something they like

What book are you reading?
Men Who Hate Women by Stieg Larsson. I heard a lot about it and I want to finish reading it before the movie comes out (the American remake of the original Swedish, to be released in the autumn under the title The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by David Fincher, Ed.)

What are means of transport that you use more often?
I really like riding a bike but I can not use it whenever I want: winter in Chicago, for example, where temperatures exceeds many degrees below zero, with snow and ice, is impossible. So in those cases, or go by car or on foot.

What do you do to keep fit?
Nothing. I have been very active throughout my life: doing triathlon, running, marathon, swimming, for the Chicago Code (the detective series that broadcast on Fox where Jennifer Beals is an agent that fights against crime and corruption) a bit of boxing to look more aggressive, to better identify with the character and use the body in a different way. It was an intense time, and when filming ended I wanted to try a new experience for me: do nothing. I must admit that I liked it very much ... But now it's time to start again: I started with gentle activities such as swimming and yoga.

What's never missing in your bag?
A cell phone. It is now impossible to live without.

The collection?
I dont think I have one. One day, while moving into a new house and while putting things into boxes, I noticed I had filled two boxes with images and statues of the Virgin. And I said damn, I'm collecting virgins and I don't even realize. Apart from that no, collecting doesn't interest me, I have too much stuff in the house: the last thing I need is to accumulate more.

Favorite food?
A type of sweet potato called yam. I know that in Italy is hardly used, but I assure you that it is very good and can be prepared in many ways: grilled, fried, fried, boiled, smoked ... And it's always tasty.

An animal?
Dogs. I have a large size, a female, I am very jealous. So jealous that I will not tell the name, even though I seem crazy ...

The most beautiful holiday?
The occasion of my 40th birthday (now I am 47 years old), almost two weeks in Patagonia. At that moment I wanted something that would make me feel alive, and I found it. Ten hours a day on horseback, camping at night, it seemed to be in Paradise: silence, endless space, only nature, nothing else around. As a girl, among other things, I often went riding and I wanted to repeat that experience.

Favorite movie?
The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland. I liked it as a child: I don't know how many times I've seen it

The place in the heart?
Rome. In part because I have many dear friends who live there, partly because it is a city that opens my heart and mind. I love Piazza Navona in particular, although it is always full of visitors. I made the classic choice as a tourist, right?


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