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(Aug 2015)


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Jennifer Beals Stars In TNT Drama ‘Proof’, Talks ‘Flashdance’ Memories (July 2015)





Jennifer talks about her character Inkar in The Laws Of The Universe


Meredith Vieira Show (Sept 18)


Arriving at SiriusXM studios



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Jennifer Beals

The L Word Book

A new version of The L Word Book is available now with new photos

"During the six years we were shooting The L Word, I kept a photographic journal of the cast and crew, born out of a profound desire to create a bulwark against my rapidly eroding memory. It was an era of my life I was eager to preserve, I wanted to remember the cast, the readthrus, the dinners, the rehearsals everything. I took pictures and saved my scripts, callsheets, and memos and organized them every year. I used them for reference as the seasons moved on, but frankly I held onto them because I knew I would get a kick out of looking at them as the years passed. Mostly, I wanted to remember the joy, because no matter where the storylines went, we always managed to have fun." - Jennifer Beals

The L Word Book is a photographic journal by Jennifer Beals that takes you behind the scenes of the Showtime series The L Word. The book is also available as Limited Edition Autographed Book personally signed by Jennifer. Along with the book you can also order a series of large format and limited edition prints. For more information about the book and prints, visit the

The proceeds from the book and prints will benefit Mount Sinai Children's Environmental Health Center.

Books are available to order only through the website and they ship worldwide



Jennifer Beals News


Jennifer joins the cast of NBC’s “The Night Shift”


Jennifer Beals  is joining the cast on season 3 of the NBC tv series The Night Shift  with a major recurring role where she will play Doctor Syd Jennings. Doctor Syd Jennings will meet Dr. Drew Alister (Brendan Fehr) during his tour in Afghanistan. A Major in the Army, …..

Jennifer Beals to start in new film Before I Fall


Jennifer is set to start in a new film called Before I Fall, the adaptation of the 2010 young-adult and New York Times bestseller novel by Lauren Oliver. Jennifer plays the mother of Sam (Zoey Deutch) a high school senior who finds that she may be living the last day …..

Jennifer launches her fashion collection “Capsule”


Jennifer made an announcement today about a new clothing collection she’s collaborated with in partnership with a fashion brand called Naked Truth. She visited the Yahoo Style studio in New York where she was interviewed by Joe Zee and Ashley Graham. Here’s Jennifer’s collection on Naked Truth and …..

Jennifer Beals gives voice to anime film “The Laws Of The Universe”


Jennifer is the voice over on a new Japanese anime film called  “The Laws Of The Universe Part 0” The story is about a group of students that after hearing that a fellow student is abducted by aliens, they realised the danger their academy is in …..

Interview with ‘Full Out’ director Sean Cisterna

Jennifer beals full out

This Sunday August 9th premieres on NBC 4 Los Angeles and NBC 7 San Diego ‘Full Out’, the film starring Ana Golja, Jennifer Beals and Sarah Fisher based on the true life story of California gymnast Ariana Berlin whose olympic aspirations were crushed after a …..

Statement from Jennifer Beals

Jennifer has sent an statement to the media after being criticised for leaving her dog inside an allegedly hot car with the windows cracked opened for a few minutes while picking up some laundry Wednesday morning in Vancouver. A reporter who happened to be in …..



Jennifer has been nominated for Best performance by an actress in a dramatic role for her film A Wife's Nightmare at the Canadian Screen Awards. The 2016 Canadian screen awards will be broadcast on CBC on March 13, 2016



The Night Shift (2016)
Jennifer joins season 3 of the NBC's tv series drama as Doctor Syd Jennings

In production

imdb listingwebsite


Before I Fall (2016)

Jennifer stars in this film adaptation of the novel Before I Fall

In Pre-Production

imdb listing


Proof (2015)

Supernatural drama tv series about life after death. Jennifer stars as Dr Carolyn Tyler.

Premiered June 16 2015 on TNT Drama

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Full Out (2015)

Jennifer plays a gymnastic coach on this film based on the true life story of gymnast Ariana Berlin

Release date September 2015

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Manhattan Nocturne (2015)

Based on the contemporary novel by Colin Harrison, indie crime thriller starring Adrian Brodie and Campbell Scott. Jennifer plays Lisa Wren

In post production

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Starting Tomorrow I’ll get up late (2015)

Jennifer stars in this film inspired by the life of Massimo Troisi.

Film in development.

official website


Facing The Wind (2015)

Jennifer to play a supporting role in the true crime film directed by Joe Berlinger. The film is based on Julie Salamon’s book “Facing the Wind: A True Story of Tragedy and Reconciliation”.

Film in development

imdb listing


The Rocking Horsemen (2015)

A film directed by Matthew Modine set in 1962 about five young high school students who form their own band.

Film in development

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The White Orchid (2014)

A noir thriller from Santana films also starring Olivia Thirlby and Jannia Gavankar. Jennifer plays Vivian Hershey

Film in post production

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